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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  January 29, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. first on "the rundown" this morning. first dash moving developments in the hostage crisis playing out half a world away. less than an hour away from a new deadline set by isis terrorists. the message released just last night, the group demanded that this convicted terrorist sajida al rishawi be handed over by sunset local time. about 9:45 here on the east coast. the audio message delivered by japanese hostage kenji goto demands rishawi's release in exchange for goto's life. >> i'm kenji goto. this is a voice message i've been told to send to you. >> the message threatens to kill another hostage, a jordanian
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pilot, if al rishawi is not freed. word from the jordanian government they want proof the pilot is alive before they release al rishawi. nbc confirmed she's still in jordan. one last critical point. jordanian officials sell nbc news they would only release al rishawi for both the jordanian pilot and the japanese hostage. followings the story from london. what's the very latest? >> reporter: good morning, jose the deadline 10:00 a.m. eastern, you said just under an hour. sunset mosul time when kenji goto says they'll kill a jordanian pilot. the would-be suicide bomber unless these freeze from jordd from jordan where she's been on death row. they believe it's kenji goto's voice. he says isis wants ra jeed dashida
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to be freed. part of a larger attack that killed dozens in the a wedding party. in return isis will spare his life and the jordanian fighter pilot. it's unclear if getto or the jordanian pilot will also be released if that's what isis intended, right now japanese journalists are lining up across the turkey border hoping to see their colleague again. meanwhile, as youjust mentioned, they'll only release al rishawi for both isis captives. demanding proof of both men but so far haven't heard anything. the japanese government is working closely with the jordanian government but couldn't specify details or a plan they're working on. you remember on saturday isis fighters claimed to have beheaded the other japanese captive a rune nah yukawa demanding a $200 million ransom that, jose, was not met.
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joining me now amber smith, a helicopter pilot who served in iraq and afghanistan currently spokesperson for concerned veterans for america. thanks for being with me this morning. >> of course. it's great to be here. >> the u.s. said it would never make concessions to a terrorist group but won't judge another country that does. that said does this kind of thing encourage more hostagetaking, do you think? >> absolutely it does. every time a country makes concessions to a terrorist organization and gives in to their demands, we are handing them a huge propaganda victory in terms of legitimizing them and in terms of recruitment. so every time we pay a ransom every time we do a prisoner swap, it is raising the price tag on every american's head and it will increase basically isis terrorists and other terrorist organizations around the world to capture americans and use them as leverage. >> the fact is unfortunately, that barring the united states and the uk pretty much every country in the world negotiates
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and pays ransom for their hostages? >> well it would be completely hypocritical of the u.s. to sort of condemn jordan or japan for negotiating with isis at this point. president obama made a very dangerous precedent when he did the bergdahl trade and traded five top-level taliban terrorists for a deserter, and made extremely public concessions to a terrorist organization, which, therefore, emboldened our enemy. >> and that conclusion by the united states armed forces on what exactly bergdahl will be defined is not yet out, but let me ask you about, maybe the bigger picture. how do you fight isis? because you know it seems as though we've been keeping a very close watch, for example, on kobani. according to some u.s. sources, some 6,000 isis fighters have been killed by air strikes in that city. and yet, you know the strategy
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seems to be at least in kobani working. what do you see it? how do you fight these people? >> well, we don't have a comprehensive strategy to fight isis at the moment. step one is admitting the enemy that we are fighting admitting isis for what they are, and what their long-term goals are. they have ambitions of a global islamic caliphate and until you call it for what it is you can't create a strategy to defeat their ideology. and, second this administration really needs to stop micromanaging the pentagon. they need to be using the expertise from these generals who know how to fight, and come up with a strategy to -- >> so how do you fight. >> -- win the war. >> how do you fight it win that war? >> continue to build an alliance in the middle east with our regional partners. we continue to train these regional countries, train them in counterterrorism in counterinsurgency strategies and
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tactics to help defeat this enemy, because this is a groupest. this isn't one country that's going to go in and defeat isis overnight. we have to be in for the long haul and recognize that this is a new relatively new type of enemy, and it is going to take a significant effort on our european partners and our middle eastern partners as well. >> amber, isn't that what's happening already? >> it's a start. these pinprick air strikes are not exactly putting us on the offensive. the pashmerga are doing a good job. they're operating as an army not necessarily just a terrorist organization as we've seen with al qaeda. they are very well structured. >> amber smith, thank you for being with me this morning. appreciate your time. >> thank you. of course keeping a close eye on this sunset deadline and
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will have you the detailing throughout "the rundown" today. now to new england where they're bracing for even more snow even as they try to dig out from a record-setting blizzard. the damage still being assessed along the south shore where the surging tide broke through sea walls in the towns of marshfield and sitcituate. several homes will need to be condemn condemned. take a look at this. a photo. what some faced along the coast tuesday. can you believe that? walls of waves crashing ashore. go to the island of nantucket where they're still trying to get the lights back on. dylan dreyer is there. dylan, good morning. [ knopno audio ] >> having a problem with dylan's audio. see you, looking great, can't hear you. >> try to re-establish audio and go back ta-to-that. the good news even though power on the island was wiped
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out during the worst of the storm, it has been restored to pretty much the entire island. let's go to bill karins who is in new york and does have his audio working. >> i wanted to hear. >> me too. let's hear from you. >> an amazing story. one of the first ferries going back to nantucket. a lot of residents abandoned the island. she was on that ferry with them along with fuel and food and a lot of people returned to go see what they're houses looked like smart enough to get out of there. hopefully we'll get her back up and hear more of her great story. what's next? everyone wants to know. new england is target. in a very cold period and numerous storm threats over the next two weeks. the first comes tonight. the problem in the ohio valley watching freezing rain. one of the first freezing rains across highway. from columbus between that region, greatest risk. looks like icy stuff is headed your way in pittsburgh.
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new england, sdroebt to deal with ice but do have to deal with snow. a late developing storm unlike the last one blew up off the virginia coast. this doesn't blow up until it gets to the gulf of maine friday night into saturday. that means this is a northern new england and maine special. areas that just picked up two feet of snow have another 6 to possibly 12 inches coming on top of it including portland through the coast. boston only looks like another two or three but windy. the long range. this is sunday. the white from missouri through kentucky is an area of light snow. as we advance that out, it looks like that snow it going to continue to the east. at this point, though it's going to be off the coast. it does not look like it's going to hug it like the last one did and be a big storm, but it's still possible, four days out, the next storm threat. this one will bring snow from areas in the midwest to the east coast and possibly monday morning in d.c. could be one of those areas driving in the snow. >> thank you. see you throughout the remainder of the program. now i understand we can go
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back to dylan dreyer in man tuct nantucket with audio. >> reporter: can you hear me? >> hear you perfectly. thanks. >> reporter: okay. what you missed out on. what i was saying we saw incredible pictures coming out of this entire area at the height of the storm, and it was just a wicked snowstorm, and look at us now. i think we found the busiest intersection in nantucket here, but that is a good sign because the island is back up and running. i was on one of the first ferries that made it back over here to nantucket yesterday and we shared the ride with folks who had left town for the storm, and also in the underbelly of the boat we were riding along with tons of utility trucks and fuel trucks and food trucks to bring all of the resources back to this island. and now everything is getting back up and running. you can see we've got a lot of activity. the streets are sloppy but they're clear enough for people to drive on. we're starting to see the power come on across the island. boston public schools are closed again today. here in nantucket, actually
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going back to school today. the ferries are running on time and on schedule. so we are certainly seeing improvements, but this entire area is new england, hearty folks. what you do. you get a big snowstorm, you get two feet of snow and you dig yourself out and go about your business. that's pretty much how it works around here. the good sign while we have damage along the coast we are certainly starting to see things come back to life all across new england. jose? >> thanks dylan dreyer a pleasure to see and hear you. appreciate it. just getting started on this thursday edition of "the rundown." still ahead, the romney reboot. the former governor in mississippi speaking before a crowd of students about global concerns and taking aim at a potential 2016 opponent hillary clinton. a report on that. a milestone moment for the search of the malaysian airline flight 370 that vanished last march. what officials are saying about that missing flight. i wish... please, please, please, please, please. [ male announcer ] the wish we wish above
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mitt romney the two-time former republican candidate for president, seems to be getting closer every day to being a current kntcandidate. on wednesday romney appeared in mississippi state university before faculty and students. among the topics discussed, helping the poor. attacking president obama's dismissal of real global threats and taking direct aim at his next potential opponent hillary clinton. romney also took time to instagram for the first time since his last president's campaign. outside the dewey barbecue restaurant near mississippi state's campus. and casey hunt is covering all of this barbecue sauce and all. good morning. how are you? >> reporter: jose i'm well although i have to say i haven't
6:16 am
had any barbecue this morning. >> just a matter of moments before we all do. let's talk about romney. did you learn anything new from his chat yesterday? >> reporter: so jose a lot of this speech actually echoed some of what he said last year when he gave his speech at brigham young university. when he wasn't in this campaign mode. a lot of us who covered romney's campaign closely, i tracked his whole campaign in 2012 saw a different side of him. that's what came out in this speech in mississippi. he had jokes. he said that someone suggested he should grow out his stubble so he would be more handsome he said ah as if i needed that joking that he was plenty handsome enough. focused on poverty, a three-pillared potentially campaign plan, if you will. that they're rolling out. so that's distinctly mentioned. he also mentioned that republicans need to focus more on general election voters as they run the primary, and that he sounds an awful lot like jeb
6:17 am
bush, in saying that. but he also as you said went after hillary clinton which suggesting a pivot towards a campaign. he said "how can secretary clinton provide opportunity for all if she doesn't know where jobs come from in the first place?" that's a reference to a remark secretary clinton made on the campaign trail in 2014. for me this has echoes a little bit of the, you didn't build that, theme from the 2012 campaign when obama said that romney seized on that. whether or not romney can change his own image and become a messenger who can carry forward on this sort of middle-class jobs platform i still remains to be seen. >> thank you so much for being with me. appreciate you. >> thanks jose. nice to see you. at the top of the next hour the senate judiciary committee will begin hearing from witnesses considering loretta lynch's attempt to be the next attorney general. the first african-american attorney general, faced
6:18 am
respectful senators for eight hours. promised to become inpend dent if confirmed and distanced herself from the president's views on marijuana. some used the hearing as a chance to take shots at eric holder. at times the hearing seemed more about the current attorney general than the one that could be the next one. >> if you wr confirmed will you commit to enforce and defend the laws and the constitution of the united states regardless of your personal and philosophical views on any matter? >> absolutely sir. >> i'm glad you said that. attorney general holder answered that same question in the same way. >> let me stipulate you're not eric holder are you? >> no i'm not, sir. >> if confirmed, how would your tenure as attorney general differ from that of eric holder's? >> i will be loretta lynch. i will be the person i've always been as i've led my office through two terms at united states attorney forke issing solely on the protection of the people of my district and if confirmed as attorney general on
6:19 am
the protection of all of the american people. >> we'll take you to day two of the hearings in the next hour of "the rundown." after the break, we're going to zoom through some of today's other top stories including new information on the crash of air asia flight 8501 plus a deadly fire. there you see it, in the heart of san francisco. flames shooting from the roof. details, straight ahead on "the rundown." the exhilaration of a new engine. painstakingly engineered without compromise. to be more powerful... and, miraculously, unleash 46 mpg highway. an extravagance reserved for the privileged few. until now. hey josh! new jetta? yeah. introducing lots of new. the new volkswagen jetta tdi clean diesel. isn't it time for german engineering? ♪ [epic music] ♪ introducing aleve pm... the pm pain reliever.
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new air asia details, the cause of a deadly fire zooming through some of today's top stories. new information on the air asia crash investigation. indonesian official sas the copilot, not the captain, at the controls of flight 8501 when it climbed about 3,000 feet and it wasn't until the plane started to rapidly descend the captain took over controls. the captain had significantly more flying hours the copilot was fully certified. flight 8501 crashed into the
6:23 am
java sea the 28th of december killing all 162 people onboard. meanwhile, malaysian officials officially declared the disappearance of mh370 and accident and suspended the semp for survivors. vanished with 239 passengers and crew members onboard. this announcements allows the victims of the families to be competence ated. one person dead and a four-alarm fire in san francisco. look at the pictures. the fire broke out wednesday evening in the city's mission district. the building was home to stores on the first floor and offices and apartments on the higher floors. investigators still trying to figure out exactly what started the fire. tragic new details in the investigation of a deadly mansion fire. officials now say the fire that killed a maryland couple and their four grandchildren on the 19th of january was fueled by the family's 15-foot christmas tree. they say a faulty electrical outlet powering the tree likely
6:24 am
ignited the fire that reduced think 16,000 square foot mansion to ruins. absolute chaos at st. louis city hall during the first public hearing about a civilian oversight board of the police department. about an hour into the meeting an officer was testifying when a shouting and shoving match broke out behind him. it took about 15 minutes for order to be restored. the meeting was one of several to police discussing in the st. louis area in the wake of the shooting death of michael brown by a ferguson police officer. we're minutes away from the opening bell on wall street where stocks have been taking a beating. courtney reagan from cnbc joins us with a market rundown. >> good morning, jose. right now it looks as if we're going to open a touch higher here for the dow, but, of course, that can all change over the course of the day. oil prices though still trading at the lowest level since march of 2009. even though we are up slightly this morning. we dropped 4% yesterday. so crude oil now under $44 a
6:25 am
barrel. and oil prices are down 60% from this summer. it's a combination of over-supply and crude oil demand weakening, and it's that weakened demand that worries some about global economic growth, but it is a good boost for consumers who are paying less an the pump because crude oil, of course, is the biggest component of the gasoline we put in our cars. now, the latest statement from the federal reserve also helped push oil prices lower, but even without a major change in policy, the market still had a lot to chew on. so the fed says they will keep the short-term interest rates near zero and until at least the middle of the year keeping the word "patient" when describing the attitude towards normalizing the policy. that signaled caution about low inflation. we don't like high inflation. we also don't like a lot of deflation either. the fed also inserting a new mention about monitoring international developments. still a lot of worry what's going on globally. china could be slowing down. europe potentially in a
6:26 am
recession. looks as if the fed is paying attention to what's going on in economies around the world when considering what to do with our interest rate and policy here in the u.s. jose? >> courtney reagan thank you. $44 a barrel. who would have thought it? >> that's right. low, low, low. we'll keep a chloelose eye on the opening bell and share with you. and mearsal almeasles. total number of states. look at map, plus mexico. up to 1,000 people may have been exposed, and we'll talk to a doctor about the vaccination conversation. first, capitol hill. three former secretary of states getting ready to testify before the senate arms services committee about global challenges. kissinger, albright and schultz, all about to walk in. watching a historic moment from the hill and bring you developments on "the rundown." know that proper allocation could help increase returns
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new concerns this morning about that measles outbreak linked to disneyland in california. the number of confirmed cases has grown 95 and officials are warning hundreds more may also be at risk. let's get the latest from nbc's halle jackson joins us from mesa arizona. good morning, halle. >> reporter: good morning, jose. i'm good. listen arizona public health officials now say 1,000 people may have been exposed to measles from the seven cases, these seven patients in the state who became infected with the virus. one of those patients actually visited this children's clinic here in mesa and, remember measles is incredibly contagious. just that one case can put exponentially more people at risk for catching the disease. >> amazing to think about. >> this 4-month-old is under quarantine today, too young for the measles vaccine but one of more than 200 people who may have been exposed to the virus at a phoenix children's
6:31 am
facility. >> infuriating to know all she did was go a doctor's appointments she has to go to, and she was exposed. >> reporter: arizona health officials expect to see even more measles patients as part of a national outbreak now affecting noornaffect ing more than 90 people. most linked to disneyland. visitors who caught the virus returned home and in some cases spread it to others in their kmunltsz. in northern california signs warn you may have been exposed at local restaurants and stores. >> measles is one of the most contagious infectious diseases. if i had the virus and exposed it to ten unvaccinated people everybody would catch it xelt except one. why all doctors urge vaccination vaccination. at theirs holly ignored that recommendation. >> weren't of my good friends said i'm uncomfortable letting my children play with your children because of your decision not to vaccinate. >> reporter: she virginally changed her mind after he daughter got sick last year in whooping cough which a vaccine
6:32 am
may have prevented. >> i let my pride keep me from vaccinating my children. and i'm hoping that maybe other people will be able to overcome their own pride and make the right decision. >> reporter: the decision to vaccinate for more protection and for her more peace of mind. experts are bracing for potentially more of a spread of this measles outbreak but some states are hoping to stop it in their tracks. one california high school for example, sent home more than 60 students for up to a week, because they hadn't been vaccinated. we're hearing about a new measles case in minnesota but officials don't believe it's been linked to the disney outbreak epidemiologically. and bring in dr. natalie azhar. nice to see you. >> hi jose. >> hearing from holly, about 1,000 people in arizona may have been exposed to the measles from the seven confirmed cases there.
6:33 am
what do those people need to do? >> first and foremost if you've not gn vaccinated now is the time to do it. you can build immunity with the first one to two weeks after vaccination and it works as post-exposure. if you vaccinate right after exposed you can protect yourself. all of those people who were potentially exposed need to nope what sthar vaccination status is that includes children as well as their parents. >> let's talk about that because adults vaccinated as children should they consider getting a booster shot? >> yeah. and there's maybe two simple ways to do it. one, go ahead and get a booster. no harm in doing that if you're unclear. if want to go by the book get your bloodwork checked nap can test for your immunity. if you're above the recommended amount you don't need to bother getting another vaccination, under do so. i leave it up to people. again, the simplest thing to do ask your doctor for one booster shot and you should then be protected. jose what we're talking about are the people who maybe were born in the late '60s, '70s and
6:34 am
'80s, not necessarily under that regulation for getting that second booster before preschool, or at preschool stages. who may not have achieved 100% immublgty or close to 100% immunity which we know we can do older people like myself. i don't remember what the heck i had or didn't have. there's this age limit, right? if you were born before some years you probably got shot up with this. right? >> no. it -- it's actually born before 1957, the thought were you exposed as a child or had measles and developed lifelong immunity fri that. the measles vaccine. anytime after that we get concerned. the measles vaccine became sflabl 1963 improved upon in the late '60s. early '70s combines with the mmr. not until around 1989 or 1990 we recommended that second shot and that really is what gets you to close to 100%. one shot gets you 95%. it's good. excellent. a safe and effective vaccine. >> and so older people like me
6:35 am
and younger people like yourself should all get at least a booster. >> younger people like myself? i'm sending my patients, they're e-mailing me to wonder what they should do. i'm sending them for bloodwork. might as well do it myself. most women pregnant get an mmr checked when pregnant. many women throughout may already know their status. again, unsure a simple blood test, a simple booster. you're protected. we all feel happy our children are protected. again, our status is also very important. >> is there any reason why parents vo not vaccinate their children from measles? >> absolutely not. i want to say this as many times as i can. you are not just vaccinating to protect your own children. you are also vaccinating to protect the weaker people in our environment, and that is children under the age of 12 months. anybody hoob has an autoimmune disorder or whose immune systems are compromised not candidates for the vaccine are all vulnerable to these infectious agents. you're really doing it to
6:36 am
protect your community as a whole and i really do feel that it's sort of a civic responsibility in our country to do this. >> i can't agree with you anymore. i always worry about this. taking my children to school what they could catch. >> correct. >> but is there any negative aspect or side effects to the vaccination that has some parents worriened add decide not to give them vaccination? >> obviously, a prevailing fear a link to autism erroneous link to autism from a published study in the late 1990s, subsequently discredited over and over and over again and we need to trust and rely on all the people who have looked into this issue in the last 15 close 20 years, who have really affirmed to us that the vaccine is safe. there are always potential always one or two cases you hear this and that but for the vast majority of people they will have no ill-effects from the vaccine, and i think the other thing to remind people is that
6:37 am
this generation of parents perhaps doesn't remember what measles, mumps and rubella can look like. older generations understand it can potentially be a life-threatens disease. the majority of people it will not be. for the small number of people who might get pneumonia and can die from this disease which is completely preventible, i just don't understand the logic. i just don't. >> vaccinating our children and even old folks like myself the booster. >> 100%. >> dr. natalie azhar, what a pleasure to see you. to politics now apparently the democrats turn for some soul searching. congressional democrats in philadelphia for their three-day retreat. their theme, grow america's economy and grow american paychecks. the gathering comes 2 1/2 months after the disastrous mid-term elections where their seats in congress dropped to their lowest number in decades. president obama addresses them toned. the vice president tomorrow. luke russert is there now. what are they up to there?
6:38 am
>> good morning, jose. here in beautiful philadelphia, and here covering the house democratic retreat where they're going to try to retool their messaging realizing think took a shellacking in the 2014 mid-terms, you mentioned, and try to figure the best footing to mount and offense against republicans, they feel that message you brought up growing america's middle class, growing america's paychecks, put an uber focus on the middle class we heard from nancy pelosi steny hoyer, jim kleberg last night. trying to benefit the middle class. the risk of doing that, in politics, an uber focus on the middle class people feel you don't look at lower classes or not an upward trajectory. they're mindful of that and want to be a party of optimism and hope. the other big teal here hd president obama speaking to the house democratic caucus. we expect the president to talk about the need to fund the department of homeland security
6:39 am
after february 27th. so talked a lot about on this show. at risk of not being funded by february 27th, because republicans want to make a stand against the president's executive orders on immigration. you'll hear a message from democrats out of this rethreatt the department of homeland security absolutely must be funded and really go after republicans, a party that traditionally does better on homeland security saying look they're putting the country at a risk terrorism by nepgting ingneglecting to fund of the democrat of homeland security trying to go back against account president and immigration. trying to figure out a better message helding to the 2016 elections, jose. >> luke russert, a pleasure. thanks for being with me. >> take care. be well. and to the hill. historic event, three former secretary of state, henry kissinger, madeleine albright
6:40 am
and mr. schultz pap moment ago, appearing to be members of code pink disrupting a hearing on global challenges and national security just before it got underway. more on that as it develops. we in "the rundown" will be right back. next. ♪♪
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6:44 am
not, i think what people think. this is not about, hey, you crossed the border illegally without papers and a border agent says, hey, do you want to stay in the country and apply for adopa, nothing of that sort. this applies more to family whose have been here many years who have a u.s.-born child or a legal rrntesident who are in the interior of the country mainly and stopped, say going to work. stopped by an immigration customs enforcement agent and the family going to apply for dopa those people then would not be put in a would not be arrested and put on a list for deportation. it's quite different. we have to explain, if you cross the border or have been in this country, left and crossed the border again, this does not apply to you. >> and sandra to be clear what dopa is, part of the president's announcement last year the order coming into effect in the middle of the year. dopa is for people living in the united states five years or more and have u.s.-born children or
6:45 am
u.s. resident children and this is a very specific group of people. right? >> exactly. correct. and that's why this directive really applies more to families who are in the country, in the interior of the country, living here many years, have citizen children or legal resident children and were going to be in the process of doing this later in this year. >> and sandra i want to ask about your latest article. a new survey on undocumented college students in the u.s. what does that survey reveal? >> it was fascinating. done by ucla and we're always telling young people to go to college. how you get good jobs. this surveyed almost 1,000 young people from 55 countries. that are here many live with siblings who are already citizens and been here on average since they were 5 years old. what it found, first of all, overachievers. most have over a 3.0. in colleges or community colleges and it found we really don't have many mechanisms to help these young people.
6:46 am
30% of them are studying s.t.e.m. as one study's author says importing people engineers, scientists, a cohort of lung people in the country studying s.t.e.m., want to be here are overchaerch overachieving and they don't get federal grants. this is not -- these young people don't even apply or can get pell grants, but what the study said is that there's such variation. some states do not let them have in-state tuition. isn't do. some colleges help them some don't. not eve an center to go and get information as dreamer college kids. so it's quite interesting. and a recap by saying this survey shows that for the most part they're overachievers? >> absolutely. just to give you a sense. only 2% of students in our country's colleges are these young people are undocumented college students. only 2%. it takes a lot to get there.
6:47 am
>> sandra thank you so very much. appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. coming up the countdown is officially on to this weekend's super bowl. fans starting to arrive but the faa saying leave your drones at home. really? we'll explain in a live report. plus in the next hour more on the cleanup along the massachusetts coast from this week's brutal blizzard that some of calls a winter hurricane. and a mystery solved in boston after photos of the marathon finish line being cleared off took social media by storm. the boston shoveling has been found. it's bartender chris lagani. today, a spurp of the moment to decision. >> to me, more about the spirit of the boston marathon and incredible amount of encouragement and positivity that surrounds the event and how much people including myself love the race, and they leave the finish line in the street year-round to remind everybody just how awesome an event it is and how owsome of a city boston
6:48 am
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6:51 am
and developing this morning in a massachusetts courtroom, the murder trial of former nfl star and new england patriot aaron hernandez scheduled to get under way as his former team prepares for the super bowl this weekend. opening statements are expected any minute. the 25-year-old one-time tight end is charged with murder in the 2013 shooting death of semi-pro football player oden lloyd. he's pleaded not guilty. we'll keep an eye on it and bring you any developments. pack in arizona, the new england patriots and seattle seahawks are gearing up for super bowl xlix. just three days away now. both teams practicing wednesday ahead of sunday's game but we all know the real show is, well, the commercials. nbc universal, our parent company, said it sold all tv advertising spots to about 70 buyers at $4.5 million a pop. this year's lineup features the
6:52 am
first super bowl ad from a domestic violence nonprofit and a psa from the faa. telemundo is at the big game for us and good morning. >> hi, hola good morning. >> let's watch this psa that i want you to see as well and then let's talk about it. >> going to the big game? have fun. cheer on your team and keep it a no drone zone. don't spoil the game. leave your drone at home. >> did you leave your drone at home you? know we're big lovers here on "the rundown" of drone footage. that's kind of an unusual psa, isn't it? >> it is but you know what? i am a big drone fan as well but when you have this event and they bring so much attention and so many people that unfortunately, this is a world we live in and no drones.
6:53 am
there's a helicopter aroned around taking all those shots and we'll see great shots and all the perspective of the stadium. it is what it is jose. >> i know. i understand that tom brady is feeling, well, a little deflatd shall we say. >> well let me tell you, i saw him on media day and he looked fine. i don't think there's nothing stopping tom brady. doesn't expect him to be weak. he looks healthy as a horse. >> really. that's an unusual way of defining him but maybe that's a new one we'll be using. let me ask you about this whole crazy media day pause not only are the players able to kind of, you know deal with some unusual moments but i understand they fear people like you, because you are part of meezia day just as much as the players are. >> i am part of media day, but actually what we do is we set up our reporter, and he's the run who does all the like fun stuff because, i mean, i kind of feel
6:54 am
like some players don't like to talk to girls anymore because there have been so many scandals that we put a little guy so he can do the stuff. if i approach them they are always thinking that aim going-- that i'm going to ask them to marry me or ask for a ticket for free and we use the guys and we walk around looking pretty you know to say hi to the players. >> leti you're not asking anybody else to marry you these days? >> oh, i think i do. >> you still do that. >> leti coo from telemundo, thanks for being with me. thanks. now we have breaking news to report to you from mexico city. a gas tank truck apparently exploded outside a maternity and children's hospital. these are pictures we're just getting in. part of the building collapsed. at least 54 people are hurt. 22 of them are children. so far no reports of any death. the explosion sent a column of
6:55 am
smoke over western mexico city. we're watching the story and bringing you any new information, but this just in. apparently a pretty substantial explosion at a hospital in mexico city a gas tank truck exploding outside a children's hospital, and we are keeping a very close eye on this and we'll let you know. coming up as we take the turn here on "the rundown," day two of confirmation hearings for loretta lynch to be the next attorney general of the united states. lawmakers will hear from at least nine witnesses. we'll if live and there you see former secretary of state schultz testifying. an historic day on capitol hill. three former secretary of state, schultz, albright and kissinger have been testifying today. plus, in other news there's been at least 20 threats made on twitter against airplanes since saturday. what's going on? also cuban leader raoul castro making demands on the u.s. as
6:56 am
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6:59 am
geico. it's what you do. ok... and we continue to follow breaking news from mexico city. these are pictures coming into us. a gas tank truck apparently has exploded outside a maternity and children's hospital. it's in mexico city and sources are telling -- telemundo sources are telling me that at least one dead have already been report ded. these are just incredible pictures coming from the scene. imagine that. there are so many people in that hospital. maternity ward and general hospital as well. the explosion sent a column of smoke over much of western mexico city. it's a developing story we are covering for you this second hour of "the rundown."
7:00 am
welcome back. right now we want to also get the latest on that hostage crisis unfolding in the middle east. the isis deadline for jordan to turn over a convicted terrorist is expiring right about now. jordanian government has its own demand. we have our foreign correspondent who joins us this morning. good morning. where do things stand right now? >> good morning. by all measures there's some effort to try to secure the release of these two individual hostages held by isis. the jorndia information minister has confirmed though a few points. one, that the person isis wants released, a convicted suicide bomber in jordan remains in jordan. that means she has not yet been transported perhaps to turkey or elsewhere for a possible exchange. secondly, they would only release her in exchange for both the japanese hostage as well as the jordanian fighter pilot whose plane went down in december. there is no indication that that deal was ever on the table from
7:01 am
isis' perspective. when they put out a recording simply stating that they wanted her released it seemed from the initial audio recordings and messaging that came out that it was for the life of the japanese hostage. we know from the jordanian government they are in close contact with the japanese government as well. that was something that the minister of information did confirm. so it seems that there is an effort to try to secure the release of these two individuals for the suicide bomber in jordan. it's not yet clear though if there's any actual motion in place that that deal has been reached by both sides. >> thank you so much. we'll, of course continue monitoring this unfolding situation. and happening right now on capitol hill. day two of the senate confirmation hearing for loretta lynch. president obama's nominee for attorney general. lynch will be the first african-american female attorney general and answered questions from the senate judiciary committee for nearly eight hours yesterday. today senators will hear from at least nine witnesses, including
7:02 am
a law professor, a former cbs news reporter and a woman who says her group was targeted by the irs for its conservative leanings. with me now from washington nbc justice correspondent pete williams and at the white house kristen welker. good morning to both of you. pete, are these type witnesses normal for an attorney general confirmation hearing? >> yes. the second day is usually people pro and con the nominee. some of these people served in government with loretta lynch and will praise her nomination. a couple of the witnesses will also criticize the obama administration and the previous attorney general, eric holder. to some extent jose the witnesses are there because the committee is trying to satisfy its constituencies who want a voice in this. it's unclear whether it makes much difference in terms of the confirmation. >> kristen what have you heard from the white house on how administration officials thought lynch did yesterday? >> reporter: well, i just got the statement moments ago, jose which i'll read to you. one senior administration official telling me, quote, we feel very good. she showed just how qualified she is for the job.
7:03 am
they think yesterday was relatively moat sailing. she did a good job of walking a fine line on thorny issues like immigration, for example, when she was asked about the president's executive action on immigration. she pointed to the fact that she was not a part of the decision-making process but also said she thought that it was a reasonable policy. administration officials also underscore the point, that look, this is someone with 30 years experience. she has twice been confirmed for u.s. attorney once in 2000 again in 2010 both with bipartisan support, and they point to the fact that yesterday a number of republican lawmakers had positive comments coming out of that confirmation hearing. having said that there were some detractors. david vitter for example, saying that he was not going to support her confirmation because of her answers on immigration. so she certainly did get some tough questions, but, again, administration feels as though she did a good job. remember, one of the reasons why the president chose her is because she is a relative outsider. she is not tied to the
7:04 am
president's policies like labor secretary tom perez, for example, or solicitor general don virilli and they think that makes her a more attractive candidate and expect her ton confirmed. >> thank you both for being with me this morning. the head of the cuban regime, raoul castro is making a series of sharp new demands before his nation and the u.s. can re-establish normal relations. castro met with other latin american caribbean leaders wednesday during a costa rican summit. there you see him arriving. during the event castro demanded the use return the u.s. base at guantanamo bay lift the half century trade embargo on his government and compensate cuba for what he calls damages. at the same time in washington, d.c., a group of bipartisan senators will introduce legislation in the next hour to end travel restrictions for americans who want to visit cuba. let me bring in the executive director of in washington, d.c.
7:05 am
good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what's your reaction to raul castro's comments? are they new? >> first and foremost either the president of the united states misled the american people or raul castro lied to president obama so now will be essentially what the response is be. either the administration will be more cautious now in its approach to the cuban dictatorship or they are just going to get pushed over by the cuban dictatorship and will keep moving the goal posts and asking for new concessions. pretty extreme concessions, reparations, ridiculous and a lot of questions will be answered. next week there's hearings right up on capitol hill in the senate and house and the administration will be asked tough questions about this because for 18 months they negotiated and that now raul castro says he's not going to creed one mill meet, his exact quote, one mill meter. i think it raises some serious concerns. >> well, the folks who have sources in the castro regime will tell you that this is posturing, that this is just part of the negotiations, that
7:06 am
this is not an ultimatum, that things are better than ever as far as between america and cuba communications. >> yeah. well that might be nice but for cuban people the things are just as bad if not worse, hundreds of new arrests since the arrest was made. a rapper was given a one-year prison term for likelihood to commit a future crime, so therefore, alive these improvements or anything that the administration expected is not being met, to the contrary. human rights violations continue to increase, and they keep poking an eye in the administration which i think is a concern. >> and i want to talk to you about the senate bill to be introduced. in the next hour it would end all travel restrictions for americans to cuba. is that possible. what kind of impact would you have? >> first and foremost every year there's dozens of bills and legislation that's introduced in regards to u.s.-cuba policy and none of them passed. there's a congressional ratings site in regards to legislation introduced into the house already towards the embargo and gave it a 0% chance of passing,
7:07 am
a long arduous process but an educational one. more and more when the american people will learn, for example, that every hotel that is traveled to on the island all the four and five-star hotels are owned by cuban military that all of the exchange stores are owned by the cuban military it creates a debate and those are things that people should know, not essentially trying to analyze a policy in a vacuum of whether americans should travel or not but the consequences, and the consequences it will have towards the cuban people and the repression that that would increase and mean. >> mauricio roberta jacobson when i spoke with here and showed the interview yesterday on the show tells me that the communication between two governments that over 50 years have been at odds with each other will only in the long run help the people both the american people and the cuban people taking politics away from it and not talking about the two governments, that she believes and the administration believes, that in the long term communication will be beneficial to the people of both countries. >> yeah well i don't know how long long-term-and-57b8 5-year-old dictator and
7:08 am
82-year-old dictator can be. the long-term conversation that needs to be have is with the young thriving courageous pro-democracy people on island 30 and 40-year-olds which are very concerned about the president's policy. next week in the hearings we'll hear a lot of their concerns. there was a document put out signed by over 300 democracy activists on the island a couple weeks ago which criticized the secrecy of the negotiation between obama and castro and the way they label it it's the conversation amongst elites obama and castro and the only people who have not been consulted are the cuban people and that's the focus here. they are the ones that need to be consulted. they need to be brought into these negotiations because they are the ones that need to decide the future of cuba and the high level conversations they are being left out. >> mauricio thank you for being with me from washington, d.c. appreciate your time. >> thank you, jose. >> the fbi is testifying in its efforts to find out who is behind a series of threatening tweets aim at airlines. many of them are bomb threats made in the name of isis with some mention is specific flights. nbc's tom costello joins us with
7:09 am
the very latest. tom, good morning. >> jose, good morning to you. what makes this all so concerning is that it has happened so many times over the past two week, and more than 20 times just since saturday. often the bomb threat is tweeted out while the plane is still in the air. the radio traffic between the tower and pilots anything but usual. >> this is fbi. just doing a check. how's conditions on board? flight deck secure? over. >> the flight deck is secure. passengers are pretty well behaved. starting to get a little bit antsy. >> it's happened nearly two dozen times over the past two weeks. bomb threats posted on twitter by someone claiming to represent isis. on january 17th delta flight 1803 atlanta to raleigh. >> there were dogs sniffing us as we were coming on and off the plane, yeah. it was a little crazy. >> reporter: on sunday jetblue 1006 long beach to seattle and delta 4741 phoenix to seattle and delta 1065 los angeles to
7:10 am
denver diverted to dallas after someone tweeted we are isis. we are here. on board sarah who saw the tweet while in the air. >> so to see that and to see someone say, you know we are isis. we are here. we are on the plane. that was absolutely terrifying because you don't know what you're looking for. you don't know if someone looks suspicious or not. >> once on the ground the plane and passengers isolated and searched. >> everyone's going to have to be cleared. the entire aircraft is going to have to be cleared due to the possibility of a threat. >> reporter: law enforcement says it's the work of pranksters and copycats and not terrorists. the penalty if caught up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. now, the fbi is analyzing the twitter feeds looking for the footprints that could lead them to a suspect. >> every time there's these additional threats coming in, it's actually creating a little bit of a profile that gives authorities more information so they can make better decisions. >> reporter: for passengers it's a hunk inconvenience, of course missed connections,
7:11 am
appointments family gatherings. for the airlines it adds up to tens of thousands of dollars, maybe even more than $100,000 per event, per threat so you can see with so many now more than two dozen that we have counted, the bill is quickly adding up. jose, back to you. >> tom costello thank you so much. >> you bet. >> i want to take you back now to mexico. in the district of mexico this occurred just a short while ago, a gas explosion right outside a children's hospital there and look at level of devastation and destruction that this has caused. this is a maternity ward, a children's hospital. at least 54 injured. 22 of them confirmed are children. there rare reports of at least two dead. that comes from essentially the
7:12 am
mayor mayor of the capital city. this is being cordoned off. people are being asked to stay away from the area. look at level of devastation occurring just in the capital city of a gas explosion of a children's hospital. we'll keep you informed 6 this. take a short break and be right back. he's always hanging out with his friends. you've got to be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat and be ready to get up. there's no "deep couch sitting." definitely not good for my back. this is the part i really don't like right here. (doorbell) what's that? a package! it's a swiffer wetjet. it almost feels like it's moving itself. this is kind of fun. that comes from my floor? eww! this is deep couch sitting. [jerry bell iii] deep couch sitting! you know.... there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are good! the tasty side of fiber.
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7:15 am
. these are live pictures from the turkish-syrian border. as you can see, it's already nighttime, and the time has passed where isis had set a deadline of sunset about 10:00 eastern time 7:00 pacific time for the japanese hostage and the jordanian hostage.
7:16 am
they have to be killed or exchanged for a prisoner that jordan has had in its country for many many years now. as we see right now, at least from our vantage point, there is no exchange. there is no movement and jordan has said in the past that it needs proof of life of both the japanese hostage and the jordanian air force pilot and they have not received that proof of life so this situation that should have been resolved by sun set apparently is not being resolved as of right now. we don't know what that means. california democrat adam schiff is the ranking member of the house intelligence committee and joins us now from the democratic retreat in philadelphia. congressman, what a pleasure to see you. thanks for being with me. >> you bet, thanks. >> what are your thoughts on this hostage crisis? >> well it puts jordan obviously in a very difficult
7:17 am
position. the war is deeply controversial there. jordan has seen many of its citizens join the fight and it's a rare island of stability that hasn't suffered from the same ill effects that many other countries have from the arab spring so we have a deep interest in jordan's stability, and this i think is probably the biggest challenge that the king has had. it's easy for us you know at some distance to make suggestions, but frankly whatever the jordanians decide we should support. it's key to keeping them as a part of this alliance and keeping them stable partner in the region. >> it the touchy for us because we don't negotiate with terrorists and we didn't negotiate with terrorists. we even lost some of our own, and then we're seeing this happening. do you think in any way this could, if it turns out that there is that exchange that this could in some ways possibly affect us in the future?
7:18 am
>> well it certainly could. i mean if it sets a precedent that they can grab people and hold them hostage and threaten to behead them if they don't get the release of other prisoners if sets a dangerous and difficult precedent. at the same time, if they take the life of this jordanian pilot or the life of the japanese journalist and it causes those countries to be less engaged in the fight against isil, it will another profound consequence. again, there's no good answer here except that all of us around the globe have to redouble our efforts to defeat this scourge because isis doesn't play by any rules of war, any laws of war. it is just a brutality and death. however this turns out we ought to rededicate ourselves to defeating this terrible terrorist organization. >> congressman, i want to bring you back to domestic politics. the senate republicans say the fight over dhs funding is a fight they want to have.
7:19 am
are you concerned that we could find ourselves 27th, 28th of february you know in march, no funding for dhs? >> i am concerned about it and i hope that the majority would not be that responsible as to see us go with a shutdown of the department of homestand security or suffer ill effects in terms of our ability to protect the country, but they have showed a propensity in the past where this kind of brinksmanship -- the answer i think is quite simple. if they don't like what the president has done on immigration, pass a bill. in fact take up the senate bipartisan bill from the last session. they are not powerful. controlling both houses of congress. right now they say they want some kind of immigration reform but really all they are content to do is criticize the president's actions. the real fact of the matter is that this issue divides their base so they rather not have to produce anything would rather criticize the president but to do so by threatening to withhold funding from the department of
7:20 am
homeland security i think is deeply irresponsible. >> you just introduced a new authorization of military force against isis back to the isis fight but from the domestic fight. different from the one you introduced last fall right? >> it's a bit different. we've extended the sunset date. in the middle of the day yesterday the white house requested a copy so they could consult with us on it so i'm holding off until the beginning of the week to introduce the measure and hoping to get feedback from the white house. it would set a three-year sunset and preclude the use of ground troops in a bat mission and set geographic limits. my feeling is the president wants to expand this war to other countries, to go after boko haram and other isis-related entity. the president can always come back to congress but i'm very concerned that in the -- in the wake of how broadly these other authorizations have been interpreted now more than a decade after they were passed by congress that we not pass an open-ended carte blanche either for this president or the next.
7:21 am
>> congressman, thanks for being with me. pleasure seeing you. >> thanks jose. >> up next we'll zoom through some other top stories making news today, including new concerns about the measles outbreak linked to disneyland in california. who may be at risk. recovering from this week's blizzard proving to be a bigger challenge in new england where thousands of people are still without power. you know what? more snow may be on the way. jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen.
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ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. more snow is on way for new england, and some areas continue to dig out from three feet of snow from this historic blizzard blizzard, and abelong the south shore of massachusetts they are assessing the damage after the storm breached a sea wall in two communities. the weather channel's dave malkoff joins us from marshfield. how bad is the damage? >> let me show you the damage. the breached sea wall is directly behind me. can you see the sky through this
7:25 am
house here. that's the ocean. that's where the breached sea wall is. the storm actually punched a hole through this house. look, as we widen out, man oh, man, the damage. this house is beyond repair at this point and everything is frozen solid. look at this tire. this is ocean water that hit the house and froze on contact. that's why it was so destructive for several homes here in the village of marshfield. yeah everything is gone here. about 12 homes may have to be red-tagged here. we already have two of them. the man who lives here was in the home at the time. 14 hours of blizzard conditions in here. he was holding a sliding glass window up. i don't know why, and it came back on him so the storm was pushing against him and he was pushing against the storm and it came back and sliced his face really bad. he's a local lobsterman.
7:26 am
that's what a lot of people do around here but they still got people out. 11,000 people around the state and more nationwide. still working on cleanup, jose. this could go into the spring before they are totally cleaned up from this one mavis storm here. >> dave it's unbelievable no one died in that. look at this house behind you. looks like it was just devastated amazing. you and i have gone through so many of these hurricanes down in miami. >> yeah. >> reporter: and this is basically a winter version. hurricane. the water just slamming on the homes. yeah he may have died if he would have had a little bit extra bad luck. his face was sliced. he was walking out to the car. he had to call 911. the police had to come in a front loader and take him out of here. imagine that. coming out in blizzard conditions and removing somebody. that's why when they say it's a blizzard coming this powerful you may want to evacuate if your
7:27 am
home is right next to the beach like this. >> dave malkoff, thanks so much for being with me. >> sure. >> coming up after the break, live update on breaking news that we've been bringing to you this morning. tragedy unfolding in the mexico city area. a gas tank truck exploded outside a maternity and children's hospital. take a look at the devastation there. we'll have the very latest for you on that and a whole lot more in minute. has the power to captivate. [ all cheering ] ♪ ♪ that's why shakira uses... crest 3d white with whitelock technology, removing up to ninety percent of surface stains and locking out future stains. so your smile always steals the show. and to get even faster whitening use this collection for a whiter smile in just 2 days. crest 3d white. life opens up with a whiter smile. how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40 $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your
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7:31 am
devastated part of this maternity hospital in the northwest of mexico city. authorities say that there are dozens of injured people, many of them so far, we know 37 people, have opinion transferred to local hospitals and the injured people apparently were hurt from the flying gas by the hospital's windows. the gas destroyed large parts of the buildings as we can see in these images. that's the latest we know. we have to wait for more information that officials in mexico city gave us. >> as we watch these live pictures tell me more about caujimalpa, a densely populated city. we're talking about the capital of mexico. >> caujimalpa is at the northwest of mexico city. this public hospital apparently had many children in it. some -- some authorities were
7:32 am
saying that 22 people were inside -- 22 children were inside this hospital so yeah. the area around the hospital should be right now chaos due to the intense activity from the rescue. it's the consequence of a gas explosion of a gas truck that was being held there in or near the hospital. i remember just last year i think it was, wasn't it in the center of the capital there was another gas explosion in one of the large buildings there, and it caused a lot of injuries and even death. >> yes. that happened around two years ago, jose.
7:33 am
i also recall another explosion with another carrying liquid gas that exploded at the north of the city and killed dozens of people in that area so yes, as far as i can recall this might be the third explosion. >> it's being reported three dead 22 of the 54 injured are children correct? >> that's right. so far they have been transferred to local hospitals due to their injuries, jose.
7:34 am
>> al rishawi will not be released until a japanese and pilot are released. gentlemen, thanks for being with me. mike, i want to start with you. incredibly hard to tell. i think at this point, jose it's really interesting is the whole proof of life episode of this negotiation. what's really interesting in the way that isis has gone about it, it's actually through audio messaging and using kenji goto in the thing to introduce the thing between kasasibah the jordanian pilot and al rishawi. why they are doing this this way and not visually through camera is a question i would raise. it would leave me to believe that possibly the kasasibah, the
7:35 am
jordanian pilot, is being held in a different location than that of goto, the japanese journalist and then it's just a matter of letting play out really in terms of what happened next. again, we're talking very much jose about a very reactive posture whether it's military strikes or negotiation with terrorists. i'm still waiting to see what the proactive front on this is in terms of addressing a political solution through assad or looking at the way we really take the isis problem forward through assad. >> is this all a propaganda stunt or is this woman al rishawi really valuable to isis? >> i think ideologically and emotionally she's very valuable to isis and if they were to secure her release i think it would enhance them and i think it would cripple the jordanian king for a long time. in fact i think through this entire episode, no matter what happens, isis has areceived one of its goals, to make jordan
7:36 am
look malleable and pliable in this if brought to certain kinds of pressure. you know i think it will be very interesting as we proceed. if isis learns the lesson that it can kidnap taunt and put social media pictures up there and change the political course inside countries. that's a very dangerous trend that we're seeing. we're not seeing the king of jordan like we might have seen his father king hussein, play an iron-fisted hand towards this with a rock solid commitment to the anti-iciscolition, and i think that that is something that, you know where many people are afraid to talk about in the middle of this, and i heard adam schiff earlier saying we need to respect jordan and its decision but i think it would be a disaster for jordan to release rishawi for any prisoners, and it's just part of what's involved here because isis can learn a lesson that it can bring a government to its knees. >> glad you brought up this
7:37 am
point and piggybacks on the bigger picture and realities of the countries involved in this fight against terrorism and that have this problem of terrorism within its own borders. do you think that jordan if indeed, as it says it has, been willing to release this woman if they get their pilot back and the japanese hostage. is this going to have a detrimental impact on jordan in the future? >> i think it's almost impossible to say, you know. if jordan go ahead with this prisoner swap is that going to galvanize the jordanian people in terms of the way that they strengthen their resolve about joining the coalition and, you know increasing air strikes, for example, or is it going to deter the public? is it going to make them a little bit nervous and wary of getting into sort of a conflict with isis like america has done in iraq and afghanistan, and you get this sort of attrition of morale within the public i don't know. one thing i would like to say though jose is that if we go back to why these people were in that position in the first place, going back to this
7:38 am
proactive rod and this reactive posture, yukawa, the chap sadly executed, he went to the beat two days before james foley was behead and kenji goata went there in october to al raqqah the stronghold of isis and i went to the mountains just on the border with syria over a year and a half and i certainly wouldn't go back there then. we have to send a message out to journalists thinking of going anywhere close to this don't. it's not safe and the consequences are absolutely lethal. >> this jordanian pilot was really carrying out his country's desire to attack these terrorists, so everybody is there for a different reason but hopefully they won't all be, you know, affected by this. let's hope for the best. michael and steve, thanks for both being with me this morning. >> thank you. >> more live pictures out of mexico city proper caujimalpa and can you see the police officers, and right behind them
7:39 am
is parts of what used to be a hospital there. a gas explosion occurred just moments ago. we've been covering that for you since moments after it occurred. on the right-hand part of your screen there you're seeing an aerial shot of this hospital. it was a children's hospital. had a maternity ward and it just -- look at that. i mean look at the level and the size of this devastation. apparently a truck exploded. authorities are still combing the area. the mayor is saying that there are three confirmed dead.
7:40 am
telemundo has also confirmed that for us but that the situation is still very fluid and you can see there on both your screens what it looks like from a big picture and this picture of authorities waiting to see what they can do and to keep other people away from this area. it's a developing story we are covering for you on "the rundown," and we'll have much more after this break. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more.
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oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too. in a city with a rich history of shaping american politics, democrats are hoping to shape their party's future today. it is day two of the house democratic retreat in philadelphia. one of the focuses of the retreat, retaking the house in 2016. here's minority leader nancy pleasy. >> it's going to be a presidential year, and so we have to put on the table what we see as the big contrast in the house of representatives. the presidential candidate will
7:44 am
go forward with whatever agenda she has. or he. >> joining me now live from the retreat in fill set "washington post" congressional correspondent ed o'keefe and in miami the "miami herald" political writer mark caputo. thanks for being with me. ed, the focus is 2016 but what else are they focusing on between now and then? >> well primarily they are trying to focus on coming up with some kind of coherent strategy and message that will keep these 188 democrats together. part of the complaint coming out of the mid-term elections was that many believed they didn't necessarily embrace the economic successes of the obama administration. they weren't talking together with sort of one game plan and one set of messages something that they concede republicans are quite good at and they have been better in the past. now they are trying to come up with a plan that will not only continue to draw contrast with how republicans are running congress but how they would do things differently, and it's all about the economy.
7:45 am
some of them are trying to adapt all that that it's the economy, stupid, to suggest it's now my economy, stupid, the idea you know, that americans who are trying to get ahead are going to be helped by democrats in some way if they were to retake the majority in 2015. >> mark president obama moments ago posted what he's calling a blueprint for the middle class economics to "the huffington post" about his budget proposal that he'll present on monday and changing the tax codes. is that dead on arrival on capitol hill? >> seems like everything in capitol hill is dead on arrival especially if obama presents it but hope springs eternal. >> what do you think? is there no opportunity for, you know, some agreements some agreement between the white house and capitol hill? >> there's an opportunity and the question is is it likely. if past is prologue it's not likely. both parties are interested in trade initiatives and maybe even passing a budget. >> ed on the subject of hillary, mike allen is reporting
7:46 am
she's considering delaying her campaign until july. what's going on? >> well, the argument there is that she has no real competition so why should she start building a formal campaign now and having to raise money if she can afford to wait in the reason is if you look at polling, you know she's somewhere in the 70 percentile when compared to people like vice president biden or martin o'malley or bernie sanders as other potential democratic contenders, and those numbers haven't really changed at all and she's defeating a hypothetical republican opponents as well so it appears, if you believe that reporting, that she will wait as long as possible to formally launcht campaign campaign. it will allow her to focus on the third and fourth quarters when we get closer to 2016 when people's interests build and that ready for hillary superpac around for a few years goading her into the rates. their plan is to shut down as soon as she announces and that
7:47 am
means they will have to stick around a little longer and raise more money they weren't anticipating to find. >> there is competition and marco rubio comes back up into the conversation. >> yeah. certainly rubio had a fund-raiser here at the delano in south beach over the weekend friday and saturday and he left a lot of people with a very strong impression that he's probably going to run for president. right beforehand he told his aides prepare for a presidential run. now he didn't say quite i'm running, but that's the next best thing. >> mark and ed, thanks for being with me. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> let's talk more 2016 and frame the debate with republican strategist hogan giddily and democratic strategist margie o'marra. thanks for being with me. >> thank you. >> first some news on the bobby jindal front, buzzfeed obtaining the first pitch by the superpac supporting the louisiana governor to donors. "the onion" is having fun running the headline bobby jindal is not sure he's willing to put his family through a two-month presidential campaign.
7:48 am
how would you pitch jindal among current field of gop candidates? >> well he's a governor so he understands how to legislate, how to govern and how to bring people on to his side and how to communicate. obviously he's had success with the tax cuts which all republicans love. he's fought and won some battles against the department of education which is always a good thing. you've seen some buzz around scott walker when you can point to some typically -- some foes for the republicans like unions and show verdictries over those and still come out on the other side unscathed. governors in this election will have an upper hand at least on the short-term centers on the potential 2016 ballot because they do -- they can't run and hide behind a podium and pound their fist. they have to get things accomplished and bobby jindal is one of those talented southern governors who has been able to do just that. >> margie on the democratic side, if hillary clinton does delay her campaign until july do you think that helps or hurts her? >> well i think i think it certainly gives her some time to prepare the team that she wants to prepare. i think either way she's going
7:49 am
to have the resources that she needs. she's going to have the staff that she needs. she will have the financial backing that she needs, and i think either way, you know she's still in a good position whether she delays a couple months or not. >> and let me play what rachel mad do you has said. >> no change has been made in the republican. instead of ron paul it's rand paul so that's one guy less -- replaced by his son. that's the big change. i think mike huckabee has a different book now, but, really otherwise it's -- it's the same -- the new book is about gravy. >> you worked for huckaby before. >> she's very smart and very witty and funny but she's absolutely wrong. you want to talk about old half. we're bringing up hillary clinton on the left as the inevitable nominee. how long has she been around washington and politics? look, you're talking about bobby jindal at the beginning here.
7:50 am
look at our field. we're going to have a woman, we'll have someone from india. we'll have someone hispanics, whites and blacks. it's going to be a very very good capable field on the republican side, and it's going to be extremely diverse along all types of lines. democrats though are bringing up the same retreads from years ago, so i appreciate your attempt at humor there. let's be honest. we'll have the more diverse field this election. >> margie very quickly, if it is hillary clinton and it is jeb bush well, it looks like the past is the future again. >> well i think both candidates, we're talking about hillary clinton or jeb bush are going to be able to try to dial in to the concerns of what regular voters general election voters care about. the issue with some potential candidates like jindal and huckaby and rubio and even ted cruz is they walk the difficult tight rope of trying to talk tough to their party but also
7:51 am
throwing their party red meat. in a way that simply will not connect to what regular voters are thinking about. >> margie o'marra and hogan giddily, thanks for being with me. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up breaking news out of mexico city. a gas explosion here a children's hospital. devastating images. dozens injured. the death toll keeps rights. it's right now at three dead. the report from the ground there when "the rundown" returns. ng networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure... ♪ ♪ and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. i told myself for so long that i needed to quit smoking. i would quit then i'd go right back to it. chantix absolutely helped me quit smoking. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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7:54 am
we're learning new details in this breaking news out of mexico city. mexican capital, there has been an explosion outside a hospital a children's hospital and maternity ward. you're seeing these pictures from millenial television our sister station there, showing the first responders showing up. it happened in the mexican capital in the area called caujimalpa.
7:55 am
conflicting information on the death toll. right now the mayor of mexico city is reporting at least three dead and joining me now on the phone from mexico city is "new york times" mexico bureau chief randy archibald. randy, good morning. what are you hearing? >> reporter: . >> good morning. thanks for having me. it's still a pretty fluid situation. there's a search under way of the debris. the mayor just five minutes ago or so said that they could confirm three dead two men and a woman. he was asked about reports of a higher toll but said nothing has been confirmed, and he's sticking with three for now, but it's clear that they are still assessing the damage and going through the -- what's left of the building. >> when you look at these images archibald, it's just terrifying to see how massive this explosion was. >> this was a tanker truck that was doing a resell of the
7:56 am
hospital's supply. for context for your viewers, un unlike in united states, there's not a lot of gas mains and most gas is delivered by truck and it can be a hazardous situation. sometimes these gas explosions happen from time to time. >> yeah, and we were just speak ing with julio about one that occurred two years ago and before that another massive one, and it all has to do with the tanker trucks supplying liquid gas to different build. >> that's true and usually afterward there's a lot of hand wringing over improving the safety of these trucks. >> right yeah. >> some steps have been taken, but it's still a pretty common occurs. >> the mexico bureau chief for the "new york times," really appreciate your time. thanks for being with us. that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. newsnation with tamron hall is up next. we'll see you tomorrow. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the
7:57 am
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hello, everyone. i'm tamron hamp this is "newsnation." we start things off with break news from mexico city. an explosion outside a maternity and children's hospital there. officials say a gas tank truck exploded right outside the building, and there are at least three fatalities and 54 others are injured, including many children. we're told reuters correspondent michael o'boyle joins us on the phone. he's in mexico city. what can you tell us. >> reporter: we have some more information. we now have security officials, emergency rescue officials confirming that there has been at least seven deaths four children in the blast that shook the hospital this morning. >> and can you give us more information or at least have authorities giving more details on this gas tank truck and what it was doing there and perhaps why it exploded. >> well you know there was clearly an accident. you know in


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